Colony Square Rules and Regulations


  1. Owners and Renters are responsible at all times for the conduct of relatives and guests. Owners are responsible for all actions of their tenants.
  2. No offensive or illegal activity shall be carried on in any unit or common area, nor shall anything be done there in which is an annoyance or nuisance to other owners and/or tenants. Noise restriction shall be between the hours of 10:00 pm and 8:00 am. Do not slam doors, limit your conversation, and no music in hallways or entryways in the evenings and throughout the day. Try to keep the noise to a minimum for our residents who work at night and sleep during the day. All noise complaints should be addressed to Property Management or a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Board member .


  1. No unsightly conditions shall be permitted to exist. Unsightly conditions without limitations such as trash, litter, cigarette butts or other debris, signs, advertisements, vehicles or appliances.
  2. No awnings, air conditioners, water pipes or other projections shall be placed on the exterior walls of the building or common areas. No additions or alterations to the exterior of the buildings will be done without permission of the HOA Board.
  3. Barbecue fires shall be kept small and well contained, well away from walls and/or combustibles. No fires are to be left unattended. Discretion should be used when barbecuing on windy days.
  4. No open fires permitted on Colony Square property.
  5. The use of firecrackers or noise/light emitting fireworks are not permitted on the premises.
  6. No person, including without limitation children, invitees, or guests of owners may play in the common area. All minors must be with an adult in all common areas, specifically the parking lots. The parking lot is not to be used for leisure or as a play area. Not only for safety reasons but for liability. Additionally, no skateboarding or bicycles or other play toys are permitted to be used in the parking lot.
  7. Permission from the Property Management must be obtained before outside antennas or TV reception dishes are installed. The Property Management will determine the proper location for the equipment.
  8. Electrical outlets located in entry ways may only be used on a short term basis and not used for lighting or heating any unit unless permission is granted by the Property Management.
  9. No warehousing or business type activity shall be conducted from within the confines of condo units or common grounds.


  1. The declaration permits dogs (other than pitbulls or AmericanBullTerrier), cats and other household pets. The limit cannot exceed one (1) pet per unit. No dog will exceed more than 35 lbs at maturity. No reptiles, snakes, rodents (rats, mice, etc.) or poultry. Properly caged birds are permitted.
  2. No household pets shall be kept where it shall interfere with reasonable use and enjoyment of any other unit or common area.
  3. No pets shall be allowed to run loose around the buildings or grounds.
  4. All pets are to be on leashes and supervised when outside of the confines of the owner’s lot. No pets shall be left leashed to trees, shrubs, street signs, poles orother natural or manmade features of the common area and the public right-of-way.
  5. The behavior of each dog will be assessed on an individual basis. If a dog is deemed to be vicious and there is proof, the HOA Board has the right to have the animal removed from the property at owner expense.
  6. Any pet attacking a person or another pet shall be subject to immediate removal by County authorities.
  7. Pet owners will immediately remove pet feces from their property, neighbors’ yards and all common and limited common areas, and public right-of-ways. Owners will be fined if the animal commits waste on any location within the Colony Square property.
  8. Pet owners must control barking or any other frequent, repetitive noises from pets that interfere with the peace and comfort of their neighboring residents.
  9. Aquariums larger than six (6) gallons must be approved by Property Management. Owners/tenants shall be responsible for any and all damage caused by the aquarium.
  10. Pets are prohibited in the laundry room while using facilities.
  11. No pets will be allowed in any of the landscaping regardless if the animal is on a leash. The landscaping is not the animals’ litter area.
  12. No animals of any kind will be fed outside of the unit. No food will be left outside on the decks. Feeding outside attracts rodents and birds, which is a health problem.


  1. Do not use any parking spaces other than your own without the permission of the owner.
  2. Owners or tenants are responsible for keeping their assigned spaces clean, such as cleaning up oil drippings and garbage.
  3. No parking spaces will be used for any type of storage such as pickup covers or camper tops, boats or trailers. These items are not to be parked on Colony Square property.
  4. Park your vehicle within your parkings pace(s) to avoid bumping adjacent cars with your car door.
  5. Each owner/tenant is responsible to ensure that their guests or visitors park in the visitors parking areas for no more than 72 hours. The visitors parking area is not a long term parking area. Visitor parking area is only authorized for short term parking. Vehicles left any longer will be subject to tow.
  6. All vehicles parked on the property must have current registration tabs and be operational.
  1. No parking in fire zones or non-designated parking areas (i.e.,in front of the garbage dumpsters). Vehicles will be towed without notice at the owner’s expense.
  2. Illegally or improperly parked vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense and risk to the vehicle.
  3. No owner or their representative can have a vehicle impounded without at least two current HOA Board members or one HOA Board member and Property Manager approval. This also applies to HOA Board members towing vehicles on their own authority without another HOA Board member or Property Manager approval. Anyone towing another’s vehicle without authority from two HOA Board members or HOA Board and Property Manager will be responsible for all costs and damage.
  4. Only minor emergency auto repair work which can be completed within one day will be allowed. This work must be completed between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. The resident will be responsible for cleaning up any mess.
  5. All car washing will be conducted in the designated car wash area located in the townhouse area near unit #58 adjacent to Hwy 99. The time for washing will be between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.


  1. Nothing shall be permitted to be placed or constructed in any common area without permission of the Property Management.
  2. Common areas are maintained by the HOA funds Please respect these areas and keep them clean.
  3. The HOA shall maintain and repair the common areas and facilities, provided the individual responsible for any damage will reimburse the cost of replacement or repair .
  4. The security gates are very important to the overall security of the complex. At no time will anyone cause the gates to malfunction, such as pushing the gate open, cause the gate to derail off the tracks or jam the system. Violators will be assessed a fine for the repair. Only authorized personnel will repair the gate.
  5. No open fires permitted on Colony Square property.
  6. The use of pesticides, poisons, or any toxic chemicals on Colony Square common area property is forbidde​n.


  1. Owners and tenants shall maintain their own deck patio and designated parking areas in a clean organized manner and shall not allow personal possessions to create unsightly or unsafe conditions. Patios and decks may contain patio furniture, potted plants and appropriate outdoor related items. All other items can and should be stored in the large storage units located on the property. No visible clothes lines or hanging laundry. No permanent party lights. Holiday decorations permitted during corresponding holiday seasons only.
  2. In order to ensure a harmonious exterior appearance, all drapery, blinds or window coverings must be either white or beige. If you choose to have non-white draperies or window coverings, a white liner will be required. No items such as cardboard or paper shall be permanently placed on the windows.
  1. Sweep and clean patios and balconies as needed. Patios are considered a Limited Common Element and if your unit is found in non-compliance the HOA can have someone clean your balcony or patio and charge you for the work.
  2. Do not leave food or open grills on patios. This will attract rodents.
  3. Periodic “Open House”, “For Rent” and “For Sale” signs are permitted near the entrance to the unit that is for sale or for rent. These signs may not be larger than 10”x 24” and may not be displayed longer than 48 hours. Absentee landlords must follow all rules and regulations.
  4. Periodic “Open House”, “For Rent” and “For Sale” signs are permitted outside the property fence line and may not be larger than 10” x 24”.
  5. Rental of units to business or corporations is not permitted.
  6. Owners can rent out only one (1) unit.
  7. All owners and tenants must record an emergency contact name and number with the Property Management.


  1. The laundry/locker/storage room is open 24 hours a day. Keep the entrance door closed to prevent unauthorized entry.
  2. Leave the laundry room as clean or cleaner than you found it.
  3. When the washer or dryer has completed its cycle, promptly remove items This allows others to use the machines. Do not leave items in the laundry room, for you are responsible for loss or damage to your items.
  4. Empty the garbage can into the dumpster outside if you find it full or fill it up yourself. Do not put large items in the can, as they fill up quickly.
  5. Clean out the dryer’s lint traps after each load.
  6. If you find a machine defective, place an “Out of Order” sign on the machine and report the problem to Property Management. Signs are located on the bulletin board.
  7. If you need a refund due to a machine malfunction, contact Property Management.
  8. Do others the courtesy of having heavily soiled (unsanitary) laundry cleaned professionally or at a laundromat which disinfects its machines regularly
  9. Turn off the light and keep the doors locked when you leave the room.


  1. All garbage or trash must be placed in the dumpsters as provided. If the dumpster area is full to capacity, wait until the next day to dispose of the garbage and trash.
  2. Any large items such as appliances, furniture, etc. are the owner or tenant’s responsibility. Such items must be hauled off the property by said owner at the owner’s expense. Large items left at the dumpster site will cause the HOA to fine said owner.
  3. Flammable materials such as paint, solvent, oil or other combustibles shall not be placed in the dumpster. You should contact the City of Tukwila and find out how and where the city wants it to be disposed of.
  4. All garbage, trash, combustibles, appliances or building material from an outside source, other than Colony Square, will not be placed in any dumpster in the complex.
  5. All trash and recyclables must be reduced to the smallest size possible before disposal. Eg., break down all cardboard boxes.


  1. No bicycles or any type of items too large for your locker can be left outside of the locker.
  2. Periodically check to make sure that there is no type of damage or tampering with your locker.
  3. Keep the locker area clean.


1. Fire – Call 911
2. Health or Accident – Call 911, notify PropertyManagement

3. Noise – Call Property Management, then call 911
4. Hot Water Heater – Call plumber, call Property Management

5. No Water – Call Property Management
6. Electrical – Call Property Management
7. Pets – Call Property Management
8. Storage Locker Problem – Call Property Management


It is the responsibility of each owner to know the terms and provisions of the Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of the Homeowners’ Association (HOA). Each owner is responsible for advising tenants or guests of the owner of any revision of the Declaration, Bylaws or Rules and Regulations which apply to them. These Rules and Regulations are provided as a supplement to the Declaration and Bylaws and are not meant to relieve any owner from the obligation to know the provisions of the Declarations and Bylaws. Owners shall also comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all municipal, state and federal authorities now in force or which may hereafter be in force, pertaining to the use of the Condominium.

Each owner, tenant or occupant of a unit shall comply with the provision of the Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of the HOA, as they may be amended from time to time and with all decisions made by the HOA Board or the HOA pursuant thereto. Failure to comply shall be grounds for an action to recover sums due, damages or injunctive relief, or all of them, maintainable by the HOA Board, the HOA’s managing agent on its behalf, or by the aggrieved owner. To enforce the Rules and Regulations, the HOA Board may also levy monetary fines.

The HOA Board may give written notice of the violations and state a reasonable period of time for correcting the violation. If the violation is not corrected within the time stated, the HOA Board may itself make the correction, and any costs incurred in connection therewith shall be imposed on the unit owner and added to the monthly maintenance fee for the first month following the correction. Payment of such cost shall be enforced in the same manner as is provided for the enforcement of Assessments.

Prior to taking any enforcement action (other than the initial notice of violation), the HOA Board will give the owner involved notice and a opportunity to be heard as Follows:

  1. The HOA Board will give the offending owner written notice of a hearing before the HOA Board or a specially appointed committee or representative regarding the proposed action or fine. The notice shall include a (a) statement of the offense, (b) the proposed action and/or fine, (c) the date, time and place of the hearing, and (d) whether testimony of the owner must be in written form. The date of the hearing shall be at least five (5) days after notice is delivered.
  2. At the hearing, the affected owner shall have the right to give testimony as outlined in the notice, subjected to reasonable rules of procedure established by the HOA Board to assure a prompt and orderly resolution of the issue at hand.
  3. Evidence presented at the hearing shall be considered in making the decision regarding fines or other enforcement action.
  4. The affected owner shall be notified of the decision of the HOA Board in writing.

In addition, the HOA Board can take any other legal action appropriate or remedy or penalize a violation of these Rules, Bylaws, or the Declaration. In enforcing these rules, the HOA Board may delegate its functions, including but not limited to a single, or group of, Director(s) or officers, or the Property Manager.

Owners shall be financially responsible for all damages caused by their tenants or guests and for any fines imposed as the result of conduct on the part of their tenants, guests or invitees. Any charge for damages or fines shall be imposed against the unit, itself, in which the party responsible rented or was visiting, and shall be enforceable in the same manner as is provided for the enforcement of the assessments.


1st Violation

2nd Violation

3rd Violation

4th Violation

Any Other Violation Thereafter

Warning letter