• Our next homeowners meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24 at 6 pm. We will meet in the cabana area on property.

• The fence running along the front of the property is scheduled to be replaced this Friday, August 12.

Webmaster Notes:

  • The site has a ‘Classified Page’ where you can list items you wish to sell.  Why not see if anyone in our complex is interested?  You can view the ads by clicking on ‘All Classifieds’ at the top of every webpage..  To place an ad, you must register as a ‘subscriber’ before doing so.  You can do this via the ‘Register to place an ad’ link shown at the top of any webpage or use the link below
  • Register For this Site
  • We recently had a ‘bot’ attack that compromised the site by hacking the registration and subsequent subscriber list.  It has been fixed, however, our site is being attacked like this almost daily.  There are strong provisions now in place and the effects won’t be seen publicly.  
    DOWNSIDE: when this happened all registered users were removed.  I have restored most but some of you haven’t been restored.. If you were registered and cannot log in now, PLEASE just re-register.  If you have any questions, or problems with this, please contact me and I will be happy to help:-)  Sorry for the hassle and TY!